The Role of Infographics in Medical Education

Dr Swapnil Pawar October 28, 2019 1609 1

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Dr Ben Symon & Dr Swapnil Pawar

There has been a trend of the increasing use of infographics in Medical Education. In this thought-provoking podcast, Dr Ben Symon from Brisbane advises budding educators to use it as an adjunct rather than the primary pedagogy. He talks about the role of infographics in promoting scholarship in MedEd and shares his insights in designing the better infographics. 

Resources –

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  2. Huang, S., Martin, L.J., Yeh, C.H., Chin, A., Murray, H., Sanderson, W.B., Mohindra, R., Chan, T.M.,Thoma, B. The effect of infographic promotion on research dissemination and readership: a randomized control trial. CJEM 2018
  3. Book – The Power of Infographic
  4. Website – by Dr Grace Leo
Infographic by Ben Symon
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