CVS Pharmacology

Dr Swapnil Pawar July 2, 2019 817

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Come and join us to learn about very commonly used class of drugs in intensive care i.e Inotropes.

In this podcast, Maddy & Swapnil discuss about various inotropes in detail. We hope that this will be useful for all ICU trainees and nursing staff.

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CVS Pharmacology Anti-arrhythmic Agents - Critical Care Education
ICU Primary Prepcast
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Anti-Arrhythmic Agents

CVS Pharmacology – Anti-arrhythmic Agents

Dr Swapnil Pawar July 2, 2019

Welcome to ICU Primary Prepcast. In this episode, Maddy and I discuss about anti-arrhythmic medications and their pharmacology. They are one of the most commonly used medications in ICU setting […]

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