Blood Products

Dr Swapnil Pawar April 11, 2024 8

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    Blood Products
    Dr Swapnil Pawar

Blood Products

Written by Dr Andrew Lam

Blood Products and Haemorrhagic Shock



Isolated from whole blood through centrifuge


Transfusion should be individual based. But generally:

  1.  Hb <70
  2. Concurrent cardiovascular disease + Hb <80



Contains all coagulation factors – primarily 2, 7, 9 and 10

Dose: 15ml/kg


Indicated in:

  • Bleeding with associated factor deficiencies
  • Warfarin reversal  
  • DIC



Separated from whole blood – often pooled from multiple blood donations


Transfuse if:

PLT < 10
PLT < 20 with risk factors
PLT < 50 for most surgical procedures or acutely bleeding
PLT < 100 for neurosurgical procedure



Derived from plasma – contains concentrated amount of von-willebrand factor, fibrinogen and Factors 8 and 11


Usually used in patients with fibrinogen or VWf deficiencies

Generally aim for fibrinogen > 1 at least


Massive Transfusion

Defined as replacement of either:

  • Full blood volume in 24 hours
  • >50% of blood volume in 4 hours


Each facility will have their own protocol for massive transfusion, but contains varying combinations of PRBC’s, FFP, platelets and Cryoprecipitate


Consequences of massive transfusion can include:

  • Fluid overload 
  • Hypothermia
  • Hyperkalemia
  • Lactic acidosis 
  • Hypocalcemia
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