Anti-Viral & Anti-Fungal

Dr Maddi Anupindi July 2, 2019 196

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Use of Anti-viral agents and Anti-fungal agents in Intensive care is not frequent, though not uncommon. In this podcast, Maddi & I discuss most commonly used anti-viral and anti-fungal agents in Intensive care.

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Dr Maddi Anupindi- Co-Host ICU Primary PrepCast

Dr Maddi Anupindi

Maddi is an ICU registrar at St George Hospital who has a keen interest in teaching and education. She wishes that her recollection of medical knowledge was as strong as her recollection of song lyrics or quotes from episodes of ‘The West Wing’. When she’s not thinking of the next unquestionably funny dad joke for this podcast, she enjoys cryptic crosswords, musicals and anything cheese related. She hopes that this podcast helps in some small way to lessen the torment of the ICU primary exam. "

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