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Did you know 30% of Australians listen to podcasts, and 50% of them are educational?

Among the myriad of podcasts and episodes available, finding a podcast exclusively dedicated to intensive care is challenging. Intensive care network products are a great way to get updates on the latest clinical developments and professional development.

At Critical Care Education, we specialise in creating critical care podcasts, medical education podcasts and interviews with intensive care experts focused on medical students, junior medical officers, residents, critical care trainees, ICU advanced trainees and nursing staff working in intensive care, emergency medicine and anaesthesia.

Our Podcast Series

eCriticCare – A free medical podcast by Dr Jose Chacko from India and Dr Swapnil Pawar from Sydney aimed to discuss the latest updates in critical care and controversies in intensive care. These podcasts are beneficial for Intensive care specialists, attendees, trainees, and nursing staff working in critical care areas. New episodes are released every week.

ICU Primary Prepcast – A free medical podcast that covers topics associated with Intensive care primary exams with the college of intensive care medicine (CICM) for intensive care trainees. This is the best intensive care podcast and covers physiology and pharmacology relevant to intensive care. Medical and nursing staff practising intensive care make use of this podcast to refresh their knowledge of critical care. The content is curated from the best intensive care books on physiology and pharmacology.

ANZICS Meet the Expert – This podcast series includes the discussion of intensive care experts’ view on current challenges and research in the field of intensive care.

Educator’s Podcast – Educator’s podcast series is created by the established educators to explain the approaches and cutting edge research in the field of health professional education. This series is purely dedicated to budding medical educators.

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