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  • ICP Monitoring in TBI
    eCritCare Podcast By Dr Swapnil Pawar On December 1, 2019

    ICP Monitoring in TBI

    TBI remains a major cause of death and disability worldwide. Poor outcome is associated in part with the primary insult and importantly from secondary brain injury, which is a complex series of pathologic events triggered in the early phase after [...]

  • CVS Physiology Part 2
    ICU Primary Prepcast By Dr Swapnil Pawar On December 1, 2019

    CVS Physiology Part 2

    CARDIOLOGY PHYSIOLOGY Describe the cardiovascular events that occur during ventricular systole and diastole The cardiac cycle is made up of two phases defined by the mechanical activity of cardiac muscles, systole which is ventricular contraction lasting about 300miliseconds and diastole [...]

  • MicroAggression in Medicine
    Educator's Podcast By Dr Swapnil Pawar On November 30, 2019

    MicroAggression in Medicine

    Podcast with Dr Ruth Gotian Microaggression is well recognised but less talked problem in medicine. In this podcast, Dr Ruth Gotian from Weil Cornell Medicine, New York talks about this concept and helps us to understand various strategies to deal [...]

    eCritCare Podcast By Dr Swapnil Pawar On November 24, 2019


    Prevention of Early Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia after Cardiac Arrest CRICS-TRIGGERSEP Network and the ANTHARTIC Study Group Even though controversies persist, targeted temperature management at 32 to 36°C remains recommended in patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Since it has beneficial effects on [...]


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The Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) podcast series called 'Intensive Talk'.

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In the era of evidence based medicine, we try to make best possible decision for our patients based on best available evidence.

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